The Juice Box at CARGO

In October 2018 we opened the doors to our first retail space at CARGO, Bristol's first-ever retail yard made of converted shipping containers. CARGO has an independent retail focus in line with Wapping Wharf's vision to create a new quarter for the city, brimming with independent shops, restaurants and cafes.

At The Juice Box we are all about balance. Serving fresh organic juices and superfood smoothies, but also great coffee, breakfast bowls and something for a sweet tooth.

Our aim is to provide our customers with a nutritious and vitamin dense product which is easy to grab and go or sit down and enjoy with friends. All our products are organic, fresh and as local as possible. Our space is small but inviting and we have created a calming, clean but fun environment for you to enjoy. 

Our menu has been designed with help from our brand ambassador and nutritional therapist Harriet. 

Harriett is Yorkshire born and bred and has brought the passion of the country to the heart of Bristol. Founder of Rooted Living and a qualified Nutritional Therapist she is passionate about all things food, health and well-being. Harriett uses fresh, local and plant based ingredients to create delicious, nutritious and natural products. Harriett’s vision is to see people living in optimum health by making simple yet powerful changes in the way they eat and live, and ensuring that it still tastes delicious. 

For consultations or advice please pop into The Juice Box or contact her on @rooted_living1 -


We support as local as possible and we are lucky enough to work with some inspiring brands